Our Values

KDC GROUP CONSRUCTION CONTRACTING, ENERGY, TOURISM, INVESTMENT AND TRADE has conducted its work since its establishment by making no concessions in its values that it believes bring the success it has enjoyed.

Our Values;

  1. Honesty and Reliability: We work according to stringent business ethics and honest working principles. In all our activities, we work within the frame of openness, transparency, reliability and honesty for our customers, business partners, employees and society.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: We work tirelessly to meet our customer’s expectations.
  3. Quality: We work with great attention to quality in order to perform the correct work in the correct time while meeting international quality standards.
  4. Innovativeness and Creativity: We follow technological developments and build creative, innovative and dynamic projects with economic solutions in order to increase the satisfaction level of our customers by providing innovative solutions for them.
  5. Team Spirit: We are aware of that our most important resource is people, and accordingly we operate believing in power of team work, sharing ideas and supporting each other.
  6. Environment friendly: We conduct our work with the purpose of protecting environment and using natural resources economically.
  7. Work Health and Safety: We believe that our most important responsibility is our employees’ lives and health. With this in mind, we perform our projects within the frame of a “zero accident policy”.