Our Responsibilities



  1. To continue its activities within the frame of judgment and regulatory laws and legislation and KDC GROUPS’ principles in countries where the company operates,
  2. To show great effort in order to meet the highest expectations of the contractors and provide a high-quality product or service,
  3. To provide an appropriate work environment in order to increase the satisfaction and motivation of the employees,
  4. Through the adoption of technical infrastructure and development technologies to provide a system that reaches information quickly, and to ensure satisfied human resources having a high performance in business life by providing them the education they need to follow these developing technologies,
  5. To meet requirements of an integrated management system, to upgrade it continuously and provide for its sustainability,
  6. To reduce our costs and reflect this to our customers,
  7. To increase our determination and reflect that to our investors and employees,
  8. To increase our productivity by providing efficiency of our quality system,
  9. To take the required precautions to minimize effects that give harm to the environment and to create an effective consciousness for environment. To produce works for environmental protection and to enhance them continuously,
  10. To protect the environment and to reduce waste to minimum levels by using natural resources in the most efficient ways possible, to reuse and recycle waste as far as possible and to dispose of them if they are not possible to utilize with appropriate methods without harming the environment,
  11. To detect possible risk points that cause accidents to provide health and safety for employees, to prevent or reduce sources of danger by taking all necessary precautions, to institute regulatory activities in order to prevent accidents and to enhance company performance for worker’s health and safety,
  12. To ensure that employees perform their duties according to a “zero work accident” policy.